Tournament Team Requirements

Each Team that plays in the Kansas Babe Ruth League Tournament Trail
must have a book for their team with all the necessary credentials included.

Click HERE for a link to download pre-printed Notebook Dividers that may make your job a little easier...

Here's also a video that may help as well:

HERE is a guide for assembling your Tournament Team Credentials provided by Babe Ruth Headquarters.

Remember, that ALL teams playing in the Tournament Trail
MUST be in Full Uniform (head to toe)
including ALL players, coaches, managers & bat boys!

ALL uniforms must have the Babe Ruth or Cal Ripken Patch applied to them.  
Those persons without the appropriate patch, will not be allowed on the field.

**Also note.... Tournament Games will be played strictly by the Babe Ruth League Rulebook,
NOT by deviations that may be used by Local Leagues. 
There are some deviations at the District Tournament Level, be sure to attend the
Post-Season Tournament Trail Meeting to fully understand these deviations.

Current Bat Rules that will be used at ALL Tournament Trail Games can be found by clicking HERE.

Free Concussion Training for at least One (1) Coach on your Tournament Team